Why Infrared Heating?

The warmth we feel from the sun or from fireplaces or stoves  is infrared radiation, caused by the high temperature of the heat source.

When you think about the sun’s rays, they travel almost 150 million Km to earth without losing their heat to the icy cold environment of space. This is because the heat contained within infrared radiation is not released until it comes into contact with something solid such as land, oceans, vegetation or life itself.

In the same way, infrared panel heaters transmit their heat from the heat source (the panel) to objects in the room (including people) without losing the heat to the air in the room, hence the efficiency of infrared heating.

iHeat Systems

As the objects in the room absorb heat from the panel heaters, they in turn begin to emit heat. With warm surfaces, such as those produced by infrared heaters, you feel thermal comfort at a much lower ambient air temperature, thus reducing the overall amount of energy required to heat a room.

Infrared panel heaters consume only one third or even a quarter of the amount of electricity consumed by conventional electric heaters. A room measuring 12m² can be heated with a panel that consumes only 600w, which converts to 11c per hour (assuming adequate insulation and a unit price of 18c).

Typical Applications

Homes and Home Offices

In Ireland and the UK, home heating is typically associated with central heating provided by oil or gas and in more recent times, more elaborate renewable fuel sources. In Europe electrical heating is far more common. For this reason we usually provide home owners with room solutions as opposed to central heating solutions.

We have provided solutions for every room imaginable, including kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, sitting rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, play rooms, dens, and home offices. People invest in infrared panel heaters when their central heating system is insufficient for some rooms or when they extend their homes and extending the central heating system is not an option, or a costly one.

80% of what we sell is the Metallica Range, they are well priced and highly functional as well as pleasing on the eye. Another strong plus is that they, like all our panel heaters, take up no floor space, which can be important when space is at a premium.

Commercial Offices, Clinics, Salons & Retail Units

Not all commercial buildings are equipped with central heating and air conditioning units. Some older building may have had them but they are no longer operational or some may have storage heaters that are difficult to control and expensive to run. For whatever reason, there can be a need for an infrared panel heating solution.

The same logic applied to commercial spaces as it does for homes, infrared panel heaters are a cost efficient form of comfortable heat. They can be ceiling or wall mounted, freeing up all floor space, which is what commercial premises are valued for.

If your building has a tiled suspended ceiling, the Metallica Range of heaters are designed to sit flush into the ceiling in place of tiles, in the same way as lighting units. The Metallica Range are light weight (max 7.5 kg) and they can be secured by our Ceiling Mount Sets.

Control can be applied by any of the methods explained the product description pages.