What is infrared heating?

Simply put, an infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. No contact or medium between the two bodies is necessary for the energy transfer. The combination of a hot surface on the infrared panel heater and low electricity consumption equates to high energy efficiency.

How does it work?

Infrared panel heaters are powered by standard electrical supply but operate at a very low wattage. The surface of the panel heater will reach its normal operating temperature (about 95 degrees celsius) within minutes, at which point the heat transfer process begins. 

What form do infrared panel heaters take?

They come in 3 different forms, basic white with a thin aluminium frame, white glass elegance range and mirrored glass, both of which are frameless. Sizes range from 30x60x2.5cm (250W) right up to 60x120x2.5cm (800W).

How are infrared panel heaters mounted?

They can be ceiling or wall mounted. Each infrared panel heater comes with a built-in mounting bracket, mounting template and 4 x mounting screws and rawl-plugs. Wall mounting is very straight forward but ceiling mounting can be difficult depending on the surface.

How are infrared panel heaters powered?

Each panel heater comes with a 2 meter cable and a European 2 pin plug-top. We automatically ship a 3 pin adaptor to all UK and Irish customers, for each panel purchased at no additional cost.

How are infrared panel heaters controlled?

Panels come without controllers, allowing customers to choose their own control option. The most commonly used options are:

Manual switch (DIY option).

Simply use a socket with a built-in switch and turn it on and off as it's needed.

Timer switch (DIY option). 

Plug the panel into a timer switch which in turn is plugged into a power supply. Set the timer to come on and off at desired times.

Programmable thermostat control (NOT a DIY option).

An electrician is required to install this option. There are two components to the thermostat controller, the switching mechanism and the controller. The switching mechanism is installed on the cable between the panel and the power supply. The controller is then programmed to switch the power at desired times and temperatures. 

How much Infrared Heat do I need?

Depending on the level of insulation in your property, you should allow for between 40 and 60 watts per square meter, assuming a ceiling height of 2.4 meters.

Can I calculate the cost of running infrared panel heaters?

Absolutely, provided you know when panels are consuming electricity. Each panel carries a wattage rating, multiply this by the cost of your supply. For instance, the most common heater we sell is rated at 600W and if the cost of a unit of electricity is €/£ 0.18, the cost of running this panel is 0.6 * 0.18 = €/£0.11 per hour.

How do I know what size infrared heating panel I need for my room?

It is important to know that this is not an exact science, well it could be if we had the exact data but ordinarily that's not the case. The rule of thumb is to allocate 50 watts per square meter of space. If insulation properties are lower or higher than average, allocate more or less watts. If your room measures 4m x 3m, the space to be heated is 12 square meters so 12 * 50 = 600 watts.

Do Infrared Panel Heaters require maintenance?

Absolutely not! they are a solid state appliance, meaning that there are no moving or wearing parts that can go faulty. Hence there is no maintenance bills associated with the life of the product.

Do I receive instant heat?

There are two answers to that question. The panels themselves heat up immediately, i.e. they reach their full operating temperature of approximately 90 degrees celsius within a few minutes. However, it takes time for that heat to transfer to the room and its contents, how much time depends on many variables but mainly the insulation properties of the building and the outside temperature.