Metallica Range

The Metallica Range is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, clinics etc. The fascia is a white, powder coated metallic surface surrounded by a thin white frame.


They range in size from 30x90cm (3000w) up to 60x120cm (800w), 5 different sizes in total.


The Metallica Range can be either ceiling or wall mounted. Each panel has an inbuilt mounting frame containing 4 fixed position points with supporting screws and rawlplugs. A mounting template is provided to pinpoint exactly where the holes should be drilled.

Wall mounting is straight forward, using either 2 or 4 mounting points. Ceiling mounting can be more challenging because all 4 mounting points need to be supported.

For dropped ceilings, the panels can sit flush by simply removing some tiles. Tiles measure 60x60cm so 1 tile can be replaced with 1 x WM606-400 or 2 tiles can be replaced with 1 x WM612-800.

They can also be suspended by chain or something similar with the use of our  Ceiling Mount Set, available separately under accessories.


The Metallica Range do not come with controls as standard. Instead each user can determine how exactly they wish to control how the panels operate.

There are a number of options as follows:

Programmable Thermostat

For ultimate comfort and efficiency, it is advisable to install a programmable thermostat that responds to room temperature. The user determines what their desired room temperature is on different days or at different times of the day. The thermostat then maintains the room at that temperature by automatically switching the panels on and off. This option would require the input of a registered electrician.

Timer Switch

This is by far the most common approach. It is simple to implement, eliminating the need for an electrician, and inexpensive. Simply plug the panel into the timer socket and plug it into the power socket.

You can then program the timer switch for the panel to be switched on and off at whatever time intervals you choose.

Manual Switch

If you plug the panel into a power socket with a switch, you can simply "hit the switch" when required.


Each panel comes with a 2m power cable and a 2 pin European plug top. If you opt for the Programmable Thermostat, the plug top will not be required. If however you plan to plug it directly into a 3 pin socket or timer switch, we will ship a 3 pin adapter at no extra cost.

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